Diane Kruger once had to be cut out of a dress by boyfriend Joshua Jackson.

The 36-year-old actress got stuck in a Dior Couture outfit recently that became so tight she ''couldn't breathe'', and the 'Dawson's Creek' star had to accompany her to the ladies room to help her remove the gown so that she could use the toilet.

She told PEOPLE: ''I have suffered a lot for fashion. I recently wore a beautiful old Dior Couture gown for the [Cannes] Film Festival and it had a huge bodice. It was so big that it took me an hour to get into it and the only way for me to go to the bathroom was to take off the bodice.

''Once I finished dinner, I had to go to the bathroom and it became so tight that I couldn't breathe anymore.

''Josh had to come with me to the lady's room and cut me out of it. He literally had to help me remove the dress to help me go to the bathroom. It was crazy!''

Diane admits Joshua has become her ''hero'' since he rescued the German beauty from her embarrassing toilet situation and that his gallant actions are a sign of ''real love''.

She added: ''He's the best boyfriend. That's real love, isn't it, to have someone like him help me in the weirdest situations. He's great and he's like my hero.''