Movie veteran Diane Keaton will be cheering on Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars on Sunday (05MAR06) because she was stunned by her performance as JUNE CARTER CASH in Walk the Line. The ANNIE HALL Oscar winner will be watching the Academy Awards at home with some close friends and she insists all her guests root for Witherspoon. Keaton says, "I'm going to be really excited to watch Reese Witherspoon win... The thing about Walk The Line is that it makes you really feel that love can conquer all. It makes you feel so great when you walk out of the movie." Keaton has personal reasons to cheer on Witherspoon too: "She is somebody I directed, as a kid. I directed her in a movie called WILD FLOWER and when I saw her in this movie, honestly, I couldn't believe what she's become." Keaton isn't the only former Oscar winner who will be rooting for Reese - Emma Thompson is also a huge fan. The British actress, who won a Best Actress Oscar for Howards End in 1992, says, "Reese will win, I'm sure she'll win and I hope she does." Thompson also has high hopes for her SENSE + SENSIBILITY director Ang Lee to take home the Best Director Oscar for Brokeback Mountain. She adds, "He's the most remarkable film-maker, an amazing bloke... I just want him to get that so much."