Diane Keaton has had ''a lot'' of skin cancer operations.

The 73-year-old actress - who has adopted children Dexter, 24, and Duke, 19 - has a ''serious problem'' with sun damage and one of the reasons why likes wearing hats so often is to try and protect herself.

She said: ''I've always liked hats. They just frame a head. But, of course, nobody really thinks they're as great as I do.

''And, you know, hats also protect you from the sun -- I've had so many skin cancers. It's a serious problem.

''Today I'm going to the doctor. I think I have one here [on my nose]. That's not good. I've had a lot of operations.

''So, the sun, I love it, you know? But I really have to protect my head.''

The 'Book Club' star is ''fearless'' about her own passions but she tries to ''avoid'' putting herself at risk.

She told the new issue of InStyle magazine: ''I would call myself somebody who avoids more than anything else. I've got that 8-foot wall. It makes me feel protected, you know? Safe.

''I'm fearless about what I like. In other words, I'll take it wherever I want to go. I've had a lot of independence, and nobody's telling me what to do.

''I had a mother who encouraged that and helped me achieve the things I wanted to achieve. I've followed the paths I've wanted to follow. I like redoing houses, I like architecture, I like visuals, I like fashion, I like all of it.''

And Diane is keen to write a book about her passions.

She added: ''I enjoy being engaged by imagery. That's important for me. I have all these three-ring binders, in categories, full of images that I've cut out of magazines. I'm thinking about doing another book where I combine everything that I'm interested in.''