DAME Diana Rigg's actress daughter Rachael Stirling has always fought against taking roles associated with her mother - but she's finally succumbed by starring in a stage version of Rigg's 1973 movie THEATRE OF BLOOD.

Stirling, 27, hates being compared to her mother, but was unable to resist starring in the Hammer Horror classic alongside actor Jim Broadbent at London's National Theatre.

She says, "When I was called up to see if I wanted to audition for the part, I said, 'Don't be so stupid. It's my idea of cheesy hell.

"I've spent most of my life turning down requests from swanky magazines to dress up in my mother's costumes and this offer looked like one more.

"Theatre of Blood is a film I'd never watched. But then they sent me a DVD and I was amazed by its potential as a piece of theatre."

20/05/2005 13:57