Late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales was regularly comforted by her sons Prince William and Prince Harry when her body shape was scrutinised in the press. In an interview which aired on U.S. TV show Today this morning (18Jun07), William and Harry - who were 15 and 12 respectively when Diana was killed in a 1997 car crash - recall the newspaper headlines which sapped their mother's self-esteem. William says, "I remember one story in particular was quite hard for her to deal with, when she was criticised personally about her body. Somebody had said she had cellulite, or something like that. "For a woman in the public eye who always made an effort, was always in the gym... but for any woman I imagine, it's outrageous these people sit behind their desks and comment on it (their body shape). "There were many times that we had to cheer her up and tell her she was the best thing ever."