Princess Diana's brother CHARLES SPENCER fears his nephews Prince William and Prince Harry will be hunted down by callous paparazzi who threatened to "hound" his sister to the grave.

An "agreed truce" established between Britain's newspaper editors and the royal family, which allowed the princes to study in peace, is almost over.

And Spencer is terrified William and Harry are in for a taste of the invasion of privacy which tortured their late mother.

Spencer says, "William will soon be out of university in Scotland and Harry's declared he's going into the army.

"My mother (FRANCES SHAND KYDD) sadly died earlier this year (04) and, at the funeral, somebody overheard the paparazzi who were there saying that they were counting the days until William became fair game. That is not good.

"Privacy is one of the things you take away from somebody when you want to torture them and I believe that some of the intrusions into Diana's privacy, which were ongoing on a daily basis, were really cruel.

"She told me once of a paparazzi photographer in London, a particularly well known one over here, who told her that he would hound her until the grave, which is an unfortunate phrase given what actually happened to her."

18/10/2004 02:13