LATEST: The inquest into the 1997 death of tragic British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales has been postponed until October (07), to give her late boyfriend's father more time to prepare for the case. Egyptian tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed believes Diana and his son Dodi Fayed's death in a Paris car crash was murder and not an accident as has been ruled in previous investigations. Al Fayed has long alleged that Queen Elizabeth II's husband Prince Philip and Britain's Security Services conspired to kill the princess, and also that Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child at the time of her death. Last week (02MAR07), London's High Court ruled the inquest must have a public jury, overruling deputy royal coroner ELIZABETH BUTLER-SLOSS' wish to handle the case as an individual. On Monday (05MAR07), Butler-Sloss declared she was yet to see "a shred of evidence" that the pair were killed in an pre-arranged manner. On Tuesday (06MAR07), Butler-Sloss agreed to delay the inquest to give Al Fayed time to gather evidence to back up his allegations. Last year (06), the British capital's Metropolitan Police concluded a three-year investigation into the Princess' death, reaching the conclusion it was a tragic accident. Her sons PRINCES WILLIAM and HARRY are keen for the new investigation to end as soon as possible and have long agreed with the police conclusion that their mother's death was an accident.