LATEST: British cameraman SEBASTIAN RICH claims his memoirs, which detail an alleged fling with DIANA, Princess Of Wales, were leaked to the British media without his knowledge. In his autobiography, the 52-year-old claims he became intimate with Diana in 1986 while shooting the royal documentary IN PUBLIC, IN PRIVATE with the late princess and her then husband Prince Charles. But following a public and royal backlash at his reported attempt to secure a $1.8 million (GBP1 million) deal for his manuscript, Rich is adamant he has no intention of putting his personal life in the public domain. He says, "My friends and family are calling me a silly t*t. I have written a manuscript but, on reflection, if it's ever published it will only have my memoirs as a cameraman and nothing else. "I have no control if someone has stolen my manuscript and passed it on. I have been dropped in it and I will not be commenting further about Diana."