Video footage of Princess Diana breaking down before an interview with her biographer ANDREW MORTON was screened on American television last night (11MAR04).

Viewers watched the late British royal break down on camera as she contemplated the personal details of what she was about to reveal to Morton, including her suicide attempts and husband Prince Charles's love for his mistress CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES.

In the video, which appeared in the second part of news special PRINCESS DIANA: THE SECRET TAPES, her voice coach PETER SETTELEN is heard in the background coaxing the princess to prepare for her recorded chat with Morton.

An exhausted Diana says, "God Peter, I can't do this. It's ghastly. I've got no adrenalin. I'm dead. I can't get anything out."

The news special also featured never-seen-before photographs taken of the 1997 car crash in Paris, France - in which she was killed with lover Dodi Fayed - and an exclusive chat with French man CARLO ZAGLIA, who comforted Diana in her final minutes as she lay dying.

Speaking through a translator, Zaglia recalls he didn't know who Diana was when he held her hand and tried to keep her alive as ambulances rushed to the scene.

He revealed, "She looked at me and I said, 'Listen, everything's going to be alright. Don't worry, the firemen are here.' And she looks at me with wide eyes and says, 'What's happened, what's happened? What's going on? Show me what's happened.'"

12/03/2004 09:38