French officials have reportedly admitted mistaking DIANA, Princess Of Wales' lover Dodi Fayed's body with their driver HENRI PAUL following their fatal car crash in 1997. Forensic pathologist PROFESSOR DOMINIQUE LECOMTE faces an investigation over the mix-up after it emerged she confused the identity numbers of the bodies. Lecomte gave Paul the number 2146, but this number had already been assigned to Fayed. It is now feared the blunder meant blood samples, which in Paul's case proved that he was highly intoxicated with alcohol and drugs, in fact belonged to someone else. A lawyer who has worked on the case since the tragic event occurred, says, "This terrible error illustrated exactly how over-worked and inefficient many of the staff had become. "When you're dealing with the death of the mother of the future King of Britain (Prince William) this is totally unacceptable. Worst of all it was one of a series of mistakes which have compromised all the initial evidence." He adds, "The first 24 hours after any tragedy is crucial for gathering the best evidence. In this respect, the French failed to do their job properly." Intense scrutiny has surrounded the Paris crash investigation, with Dodi Fayed's father Mohamed Al Fayed claiming his son and Diana's death was planned by British authorities.