The father of DIANA, Princess Of Wales' lover Dodi Fayed is taking legal action to ensure inquest hearings into their deaths take place in public. Mohamed Al Fayed has long maintained his son and Diana were killed on orders of the British royal family because, he claims, she was pregnant. They died alongside driver HENRI PAUL in a 1997 car crash in Paris, France. It emerged yesterday (30NOV06) that secret inquest hearings are planned for January (07) - a decision which Al Fayed is set to challenge in London's High Court. He says, "I have tirelessly fought for truth and justice against an army of dark forces who do not want the truth to become public. I simply ask for honesty, fairness and openness. "A jury of 12 ordinary people should hear all the facts and make up their own minds." The British police investigation into the 1997 death of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES will publish its findings later this month (DEC06).