Devildriver bassist Aaron Patrick has been released from hospital after receiving treatment for a near-fatal bout of pneumonia.
The musician was hospitalised earlier this month (Mar12) after falling sick ahead of the band's show at the South by Southwest (Sxsw) festival in Austin, Texas on 15 March (12).
Patrick was diagnosed with streptococcus pneumonia and was forced to miss the Sxsw show as well as a number of other dates on the band's tour.
His mother, Jane, previously said in a statement, "The streptococcus pneumonia has damaged Aaron's liver, kidneys and bone marrow. He has been able to cough up a fair amount of infection, but his lungs are still very full. Along with the pneumonia there have also been a series of side effects that are taking a toll on his body. A horrible case of pancreatitis has developed, which caused his fever to persist. He is still dependent on oxygen and cannot be released until he can breathe sufficiently (on his own)... The doctor told me it was touch and go before I got here... Prayers please!"
He has now been released from the medical facility, but will have to wait at least a week before he is deemed well enough to travel.
Patrick joined Devildriver as the replacement for Jonathan Miller, who quit the band in 2011 after a stint in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.