SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star Dev Patel is so desperate to remain "normal", he still uses public transport in his native London.
The 17-year-old is readjusting to superstardom after his big screen debut in the multi-Oscar winning movie catapulted him into the spotlight.
His performance earned him a host of honours - including a British Independent Film Award, a Chicago Film Critics Association Award, and two Black Reel Awards for Best Actor and Best Breakthrough Performance.
But Patel refuses to let fame go to his head, and uses London's underground tube trains to remain as grounded as possible.
He says, "I've been meeting all these people I've watched for years on TV, and they actually know who I am. The other day I jumped on the tube, and all the faces in the carriage turned my way. I can't get used to that, man. I'm still pretty much a normal kid."
And he's been following Slumdog director Danny Boyle's advice: "Danny said to take each day at a time, not to let it overwhelm me, and just be myself."