SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star Dev Patel has gone public with his admiration for Will Smith in hope the blockbuster king will invite him to share screen time with him. Patel admits he's a huge fan of the Independence Day star - and once waited at a premiere for three hours just to get a photo with the actor.
And now he's using interviews surrounding his Slumdog success to urge Smith to get in touch.
In a recent chat with U.S. news show Extra, the British star says, "Hello, Mr. Smith Please let me do a film with you. I stumbled upon your premiere of Hancock in London and I waited three hours. I was dying to go to the toilet and Ive got a picture of you on my phone.
"Itd be great. Just a small role. Shake your hand or something... Thank you.
Patel also has big plans to work with Jim Carrey and Leonardo DiCaprio - someone his co-star Freida Pinto would love to work with.
She adds, "I've fantasised about him. I had a crush on him. Ever since Titanic... This is really embarrassing (but) I had a scrapbook with everything Leonardo in it... Hes a really nice person. The crush is gone but the admiration is still there."