Dev Patel is set to star in the lead role of an upcoming adaptation of CHARLES DICKENS' 'David Copperfield'.

The 27-year-old actor will play the titular character in 'The Personal History of David Copperfield', an upcoming movie based on the semi-autobiographical novel by the famous writer.

Dev joins as the first cast member attached to the production, which has Emmy-winning 'Veep' creator Armando Iannucci in the director's seat, working from a screenplay he co-wrote with Simon Blackwell.

According to Deadline, 'The Personal History of David Copperfield' is said to be ''a fresh take'' on Dickens' eighth novel, and will follow Copperfield as he navigates a chaotic world to find his elusive place within it. From his unhappy childhood to the discovery of his gift as a storyteller and writer, all the while on a journey full of life, colour and humanity.

Kevin Loader and Iannucci will produce the feature, which comes as the director's third movie after the Oscar-nominated 'In the Loop' - which was a spin-off from his successful British political comedy 'The Thick of It' - and 'Death of Stalin'.

For 'Lion' star Dev, the role comes as he is currently working on Sony drama 'The Wedding Guest', and recently premiered his directorial debut, a short film entitled 'Home Shopper', at Sundance Film Festival.

Dev has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood in recent years, featuring in a string of hit movies.

But the British star previously claimed he'd simply been fortunate to have worked with some of the industry's best directors.

Of his career success, Dev explained: ''I've just been really lucky to be surrounded by some amazing filmmakers, Danny Boyle ['Slumdog Millionaire'], Aaron Sorkin ['Newsroom'], John Madden did 'Shakespeare in Love', Jon Blomkamp ['Chappie'], all these guys and they're incredible.''