Dev Patel had to have weekly Google Maps lessons for his role in 'Lion'.

The 26-year-old actor received technology lessons twice a week so he could look like a professional when he was scrolling through Google Earth as Saroo Brierley in the movie.

He said: ''I actually had to have Google Maps lessons twice a week, because I'm so bad. On the schedule there was weight training, accent training and then 'Dev's one hour of Google Maps'. I'm just bad with technology.''

And Dev has also confessed to watching Australian MasterChef so he could perfect his accent for the role.

He told Australia's The New Daily: ''This was a big stretch for me - it's hard. In my first audition I'm sure I sounded like Crocodile Dundee. I watched a lot of Australian MasterChef for my audition. I love it, it's a great show.''

Meanwhile, Dev previously admitted it took eight months to get his Australian accent spot on.

He said: ''A lot of effort is what it took. Eight months of effort in fact with the genius of a dialect coach from Sydney, Jenny Kent. I was really lucky that the production gave me that comfortable lead up to take that time to do that.''

Dev worked alongside Nicole Kidman, who plays his character's adoptive mother in the film, and feel she ''really opened up'' for the movie.

Speaking about his co-star, he added: ''I feel Nicole just really opened up ... for this one. She is such an icon and to have her in this movie takes it to another level.

''I have a mum who I am very close to and when I read this script I knew my mum would be really proud of it and she was a couple mess when she saw it.''