Dev Patel wants more baddie roles.

The 'Slumdog Millionaire' actor - who first hit fame in UK cult TV show 'Skins' - admits he took the role of Prince Zuko in 'The Last Airbender' because it was so different from the other roles he was being offered.

He said: "I got offered a lot of things after 'Slumdog', but this really stood out, because it was a villain.

"I wanted to go as far as possible in the other direction. I think I can reinvent myself here."

However, the slim star admits he did feel overwhelmed by some of the scenes and had to remind himself of his roots when working on them.

He told Empire magazine: "We had this one scene where I was fighting off all these men on my ship and there are all these stunt guys flying all over the place, supposedly terrified of me.

"And I'm standing in the middle. This kid from Harrow, thinking, 'Well this is mental.' "

'The Last Airbender' - which tells the tale of a young man who must prevent the Fire Nation taking over Water, Earth and Air - has already been released in the US and hits cinemas internationally throughout July and August.