DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO star Rob Schneider is the first actor to publicly announce he will never work with Mel Gibson due to the anti-Semitic remarks he made when he was arrested last Friday (28JUL06). Schneider took out an ad in Hollywood trade paper Variety slamming the star for his behaviour in "An Open Letter to the Hollywood Community." The ad appeared today (03AUG06) and said, "I, Rob Schneider, a 1/2 Jew, pledge from this day forth to never work with Mel Gibson-actor-director-producer-and anti-Semite." Schneider then went on to say even if he were offered the lead role in PASSION OF THE CHRIST 2 or a "juicy voice-over role in his new flick APOCALYPTO and spoke ancient Mayan" he would still turn them down. He also repeatedly praised Hollywood talent manager Bernie Brillstein for publicly saying he would refuse to work with Gibson because "I just don't like bigots." The actor continued by saying he had recently directed a film called BIG STAN in which there was a part for a Nazi gangleader "which apparently Mel would be perfect for." Schneider said he would still not cast Gibson in that role and ended the letter by saying, "Of course that would only be after I talked with my financial backers. Some of whom share Mr Gibson's hankering for a good bottle of tequila. Because, after all...I don't get to call all the shots."