The girls of Destiny's Child have gone all SEX + The City for their new music video GIRL.

The trio, Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, meet up to watch themselves in a take-off of the now defunct TV hit in the promo.

Director BRYAN BARBER even rips off the famous Sex + The City opening credits for the video, where the trio strut down a busy New York street.

Knowles plays the lead role of CARRIE in the spoof, writing an advice column as she sings the girl power anthem.

They then get together at a trendy restaurant to console Rowland after she's stood up.

The video cuts back and forth from the restaurant to the girls' respective apartments with Rowland sitting down to a home-cooked meal alone.

Then, Williams is out shoe shopping when she spots her pal's cheating spouse with another woman, which she of course tells her girl when they get together.

Rowland then goes home to her man to resolve the situation - by handcuffing him in his underwear to her balcony.

17/03/2005 03:03