The members of sexy trio Destiny's Child have hit out at accusations they've ditched their strong feminist stance in favour of being subservient to men.

Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and KELLY ROWLAND scored a massive hit with the 2001 anthem INDEPENDENT WOMEN, PT 1, in which they declared their standing as strong females.

But on their new album DESTINY FULFILLED, the track CATER TO YOU has raised eyebrows with such lyrics as, "I'll keep it tight, I'll keep my figure right/ I'll keep my hair fixed, keep rocking the hottest outfits/ When you come home late, tap me on my shoulder, I'll roll over/ Baby I heard you, I'm here to serve you."

But Williams defends, "I think you can be very independent, you can be very successful in your career and then somewhere down the line you find a man that is worthy enough or he finds you. You find that he's worthy enough for you to do all those things.

"I know, growing up, my mama used to tell me, 'You're catering too much to him! Let him come to you!'

"But once you get that man who just loves on you, adores you and respects you and all of that good stuff, you wanna help him take his shoes off - even if his feet ain't that cute!"

21/11/2004 10:46