R+B trio Destiny's Child are searching for 25 "hot male dancers" to spice up their chart comeback.

The threesome, Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, have returned to the studio after a long break and have a new album due for release later this year (04).

The girls are planning to return with a bang and have placed an advert on their website requesting the dancers for performances on tour, TV appearances and in music videos.

A series of auditions will be held across America this month (AUG04).

The advert adds, "The group is scouting for an international variety of dancers - all races, all types - from all sections of the country."

The band will be present at the New York City auditions and are trusting choreographer FRANK GATSON to recruit elsewhere.

Gatson says, "It is my - and Destiny's Child's - belief that great dancers are everywhere.

"We are looking for gifted dancers for the new Destiny's Child album. God has given them the gift to dance and given me the gift to see their ability to dance. Dancers have a destiny too. If they are really talented, we will find them."

05/08/2004 17:13