Destiny's Child's new album DESTINY FULFILLED has a twist - the whole recording tells one long love story.

Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams got together to record their first album together in three years and decided to make it work like a musical, with their current hit track LOSE MY BREATH kicking off the tale of a woman's dissatisfaction with the man in her life.

Knowles explains, "It's so clever because it's written like a musical, and each song goes right into the next.

"It starts off with Lose My Breath, which basically talks about a guy who's talking all of this noise on how he's gonna fulfil you and he's not quite doing what he's saying.

"So we tell him, 'You can't keep up, I need a soldier.' So we describe what kinda man we need; someone that's gonna protect us and make us feel like ladies and women.

"Then (we find) this man (who) deserves it so we say we wanna cater to him. And then we go on to finding out that the guy is not exactly what we thought and we have to depend on our friends to help us get strong again.

"We find the strength and the love within ourselves. And then God brings us true love."

19/11/2004 19:28