GRAMMY-winning trio Destiny's Child could have a new recruit when they reunite in the studio next year (04) - frontwoman Beyonce Knowles' younger sister Solange.

The SURVIVOR singers' manager MATTHEW KNOWLES - who is also Beyonce's father - says he's considering adding his other daughter to the group.

Solange, 17, has been a bandmember before, when she temporally filled in after Kelly Rowland broke two toes in the autumn of 2000. She's also opened for Destiny's Child as a solo act and collaborated with Beyonce and Rowland in the studio.

If Solange joins the group, she'll restore it to its original status as a quartet. The group started with Beyonce, Rowland, LaTOYA LUCKETT and LATAVIA ROBERSON, but in early 2000, Luckett and Roberson were controversially replaced by MICHELLE WILLIAMS and FARRAH FRANKLIN, who left five months later.

Matthew says he's just throwing the idea out to see what kind of reaction he gets, adding "And judging by what I've heard, it seems like a good idea."

Destiny's Child will likely test the waters with Solange by collaborating on a song for a soundtrack later this year (03), he adds.

29/06/2003 20:58