Destiny's Child beauty Beyonce Knowles is horrified at some of the things people will do to land a part in a reality TV show.

The 21-year-old WORK IT OUT singer admits that during her constant travels she's taken the opportunity to indulge in a little reality TV-viewing in hotel rooms. But the things she's discovered have been little short of shocking.

She says of hit show FEAR FACTOR, "Scorpions were crawling on a woman's crotch! Can you believe it? They had this woman in a pit, and they filled it with a bunch of scorpions. The host was saying, 'Think about what about what the money you're gonna win will do for your children.' So this woman started saying her kids' names.

"She was fine as long as those scorpions were crawling all around her private parts, but the minute they started to crawl into her ears, she freaked out. Couldn't stand them in her ears, but was fine with them on her crotch. Lord Jesus!"

She adds of THE BACHELORETTE star TRISTA REHN, "I wanted to punch her.

"These reality shows..."