Destiny's Child babe Beyonce Knowles has vowed never to pose nude - because she wants to be remembered for her talent, not her looks.

The SAY MY NAME singer set pulses racing with her steamy video and raunchy dance routines for her recent solo single Crazy In Love.

But the 21-year-old recently walked out of a photoshoot with celebrity snapper DAVID LaCHAPELLE after he asked her to pose naked and smothered in honey.

And she says countless other photographers have tried to pressure her into baring all.

She says, "Every photographer wants to be the first one who talks Beyonce out of her clothes. It's prestigious for him if I expose a nipple.

"People test you to see how far they can go. They exert pressure on me. Man, if I had a dollar for every time that kind of guy says, 'You'll only get the cover if you take off your pants', I'd be a rich woman.

"When they make those kinds of demands, I leave. Goodbye. I want to be respected and remembered for my talent in the first place, not for my booty."

Britney Spears recently posed for the cover of a magazine in just a pair of tiny black knickers, but devout Christian Beyonce says she'd never follow suit.

"Some women show some nudity in all their pics. But I am known for being prudish," she says. "I don't have a problem with sexy clothes. Any really hot fashion thing I'll wear. And I'll put on a bikini if the scene is on the beach. But vulgar for no reason? Never."

28/08/2003 13:50