Destiny's Child beauty Beyonce Knowles has hit out at claims her father is a control freak - insisting he's nothing more than a driven man.

The CRAZY IN LOVE stunner, 21, was encouraged by her manager father MATTHEW to hone her career from a very young age, putting her and her bandmates through a gruelling regime to prepare them for superstardom.

But curvaceous Beyonce is upset some see his input as interference.

She says, "My father was always very driven, but I respect him for that. The media likes to paint a negative picture of him, but it's all exaggeration.

"He never forced me to do anything I didn't want to do - it wasn't like he was this crazy person who cracked the whip all the time. I don't know why the media chose to portray him as a monster.

"He is a polite man, he doesn't curse people out, but if anyone is disrespectful to him, he can give it right back. He is not a weak man, but he's not a control freak either. He simply has my best interests at heart."

23/07/2003 02:37