Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan didn't let co-star Lucy Liu's martial arts training for Kill Bill intimidate her when the two filmed a fight scene for their new movie. The pair face off in new comedy CODE NAME: THE CLEANER and Sheridan took the opportunity to really get into the action. Liu explains Sheridan wasn't fazed by her extensive experience saying, "She came at me - she was fierce! Actually we didn't even have to rehearse it at all. "We just talked about what looked best for each of us, because she's got really long legs, she's very flexible. I didn't have to train for it. Usually you have to train months in advance. "This was a last-minute fight scene. They (the producers) said, 'You know, we should add a fight scene between the two of you - it'd be kind of fun! We had a great time."