LATEST: The producers of Desperate Housewives are acting fast to play down reports the five stars of the show hate each other after feuding on the set of a Vanity Fair cover shoot.

MARCIA CROSS reportedly lashed out at publicists when castmate TERI HATCHER appeared in the middle of the group shot, despite requests that she wasn't made the centre of attention.

But the show's producers insist the lengthy shoot became heated when circumstances out of the actress' control took over.

In a statement released yesterday (05APR05), the producers said, "This shoot simply did not go as planned. Because of this, our talent were made to deal as best they could with a situation not of their making.

"This one isolated incident does not define these women or their relationship."

But Hatcher reveals the Vanity Fair story about the photo shoot catfight is accurate.

She says, "It's Vanity Fair. They're not gonna print something they can't print... It must kind of be true.

"It was not particularly easy to have people from ABC (TV network) who were realistically representing all of us not really behaving that way."

But Hatcher can't believe that her castmate Cross stormed off the set at one point - annoyed that Hatcher was becoming the centre of attention.

She adds, "I don't know that that's true... I kind of don't believe it."

06/04/2005 03:14