Desperate Housewives star Kyle MacLachlan and his wife DESIREE GRUBER struggled to start a family - but refused to give up on their dream of having a child.
The 49-year-old star and Gruber, 41, welcomed baby Callum in July (08).
But the path to having a baby was fraught with complications after Gruber was diagnosed with thrombophilia - a condition which causes blood clots.
And after a long struggle, the couple was overjoyed to finally conceive.
MACLachlan says, "Desiree had a couple of miscarriages so she was under a few specialists. She had thrombophilia and had to give herself an injection of blood thinner every day. The journey to get her pregnant became an adventure.
"Then, when she became pregnant, suddenly something a little deeper was going on. Then it became a process of discovery. You have this desire to say 'Hello' to this little being - it's like waiting for Christmas!"