Desperate Housewives star Kyle MacLachlan is delighted to have become a first-time father at the age of 49 - because he wouldn't have appreciated having children when he was younger.
The actor and his wife Desiree Gruber, 41, welcomed baby Callum in July (08).
And MACLachlan insists he doesn't regret waiting to start a family - because his advanced age will make him a better father.
He says, "It was never something that I felt compelled to do by a certain time. I don't know if as a younger man I'd have had a full appreciation for it."
But the star admits that he will need to start taking care of his health to make sure he can be a hands-on dad.
He adds, "I need to be more consistent about taking care of myself. We're going to be throwing baseballs so I want to be pretty healthy and active. When he's 20, I'll be 70 years old."