Desperate Housewives star Joely Fisher gave birth to her second daughter at home without drugs and in front of a large audience, including her five-year-old daughter. Fisher, the daughter of CONNIE STEVENS and Eddie Fisher, welcomed daughter TRUE HARLOW FISHER-DUDDY on 2 February (06) at her Los Angeles home. The star appeared on US talk show THE VIEW Wednesday (06SEP06), where she discussed her decision to not have an epidural during her delivery with the shocked co-hosts. When stunned moderator ROSIE O'DONNELL asked her why, Fisher replied, "(It was) crazy! The second time I said I was going to have my child at home - don't ask me why. "I had a doctor, I had a midwife, I had a doula, I had my mother, my daughter SKYLAR, I had my sister and three of my very good friends and my sister says, 'and (US news show) ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT.' But not." Fisher defended her decision to have her young daughter present during the birth saying, "I felt like it would be an incredible bond for her sister because she got to be a part of the experience. "Mom (Connie Stevens) was a little freaked out, because she thought she would be traumatised by it, but I don't think she was."