The Desperate Housewives trial has ended in a dramatic twist that could well be taken from the pages of a television script. The Guardian reported yesterday (March 19, 2012) that the actress Nicollette Sheridan's attempts to sue the show's producer MARC CHERRY and the ABC network have ended in deadlock. Sheridan wanted $6 million in damages, after she claims that she was wrongfully dismissed from the TV show, following an incident of physical abuse from Cherry.

The jury was split eight to four, in favour of Ms Sheridan but she was just one jury member away from a decisive vote. The jurors claimed that a lack of "tangible evidence" led to them being unable to make a judgement one way or the other, whereas Sheridan's lawyer put up a convincing front, arguing that the deadlock "amounted to defeat for the show's producers." Nicolette herself did not comment on the outcome of the trial, which has been rescheduled for a hearing on April 19. The defence lawyers, though, were equally confident of a win. Nicollette Sheridan has previously attempted to lodge claims of discrimination on the grounds of "age, sexual orientation and gender and lodged a battery claim" but none of these attempts have been successful. The defence lawyer Adam Levin is quoted as saying "now we're down to wrongful termination and we're confident we will prevail."

Whatever the outcome of the trial, Sheridan's career prospects are looking grim. According to The Guardian, she has not worked as an actress for two years and no longer has any agency representation. Her lawyer, according to the report "conceded that doors are now closed to her for further work."