Desperate Housewives star James Denton and HOUSE star Hugh Laurie have formed a new band and are even set to record an album. The pair have joined ALIAS star Greg Grunberg, the bachelor's BOB GUINEY and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL's Bonnie Somerville to form BAND FROM TV. The band play popular cover songs and are even set to record their first album - HOGGING ALL THE COVERS. The group played for their peers at TV Guide's Emmy Award party on Sunday (27AUG06). Denton plays guitar in the group, while Laurie mans the keyboards and Guiney sings lead vocals. The members of the band give the money they make to various charities and were even able to score $200,000 (GBP111,000) for a recent gig. According to Denton, "Music is fun. It's a great hobby, and I've been strumming for years. But I'm not a musician. I'm happy to stay in my comfort zone." Laurie adds jokingly, "I'm a miserable person, the sort of person who finds whatever he's not doing more fun. The grass is always greener."