Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse Metcalfe's tragic father is desperately trying to stay out of his son's life because he doesn't want the actor's career to be tainted by his own misfortunes.

JEFFREY METCALFE is broke, battling a cocaine addiction and living with his sister in Connecticut but he refuses to ask his famous son for help because he fears he'll be ashamed of him.

Metcalfe, who lost an eye in a fight, says, "I love Jesse and I'm very proud of what he has managed to do, but we haven't spoken for many years.

"He doesn't need to know what has happened. He needs to get on with own life."

And it seems the actor agrees with his dad, who walked out on him and his unmarried mother NANCY when he was five.

When down-and-out Metcalfe's story appeared in American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER recently, the Desperate Housewives gardener had no comment.

14/01/2005 09:28