Desperate Housewives star James Denton is secretly celebrating pregnant co-star MARCIA CROSS' bed-rest lockdown - because he gets a bigger role. Cross, who plays BREE VAN DE CAMP on the hit show, is expecting twins and was put on bed rest last week (ends14JAN07) by her doctors and told she couldn't leave her house. After frantically turning the actress' real-life home into a replica of her house on the show, in an effort to complete her scenes for the current series, Housewives creator MARC CHERRY had to quickly revise storylines. And that was a big boost for Denton's character MIKE, who will be getting out of jail sooner than expected. He explains, "Because we're losing Marcia mid-season, that mystery has to wrap up pretty quickly because we need her. So, it's kind of fun, because it got me out of jail quicker!"