Desperate Housewives hunk James Denton was shocked to read reports of his female co-stars' alleged rivalry, insisting the sexy actresses all get along well.

Denton's on-screen lover Teri Hatcher and her fellow Housewives Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria, MARCIA CROSS and Nicollette Sheridan hit the headlines in April 2005, when Vanity Fair journalists claimed the actresses clashed over bathing suits during a photoshoot.

However, Denton, who plays plumber Mike Delfino, says, "The actresses all get on - I have never seen or heard any altercation on set. But some of the American media have been waiting for what they call the catfight, and they jumped on a very tense, high-pressure day and made it a little more than it was.

"A lot of actors aren't nearly as generous as Teri is."