LATEST: Desperate Housewives star MARCIA CROSS and new husband Tom Mahoney are so desperate to have a baby they visited a fertility clinic two days after becoming man and wife last month (JUN06). The couple was spotted visiting California Fertility Partners in West Los Angeles on 27 June (06). A source tells America's Star magazine the couple looked elated after they left the clinic: "(Marcia) dialled a number on her cell and it looked like she was passing on really good news." The clinic specialises in individualised treatment plans in the latest reproductive technologies, including In Vitro Fertilisation and surrogacy. Cross' pal Lori Loughlin told America's TV Guide magazine last week (ends30JUN06) that Cross was even considering adoption in her bid to become a mum. The actress said, "She (Cross) wants to start a family. Marcia would love to have children."