Desperate Housewives beauty MARCIA CROSS plans to practice psychotherapy full-time at her own clinic when she quits acting.

The 42-year-old first found fame starring in American soap opera MELROSE PLACE and decided to study a master's degree in psychology to let the furore settle after her psychotic character KIMBERLY was written out of the show.

And she's adamant her return to glory in TV sensation Desperate Housewives won't stop her future psychology-related ambitions.

Cross says, "In terms of acting I was trying to live down Kimberly so I took a psychology masters. I started seeing patients at a clinic and I felt pretty passionate about the work.

"It was really exciting and gratifying to sit in a room and work with people as they learned to open up and share. I will practice one day. I don't see it as a fallback."

10/02/2005 09:20