The Sum 41 star had to be hospitalised in 2014 after his liver and kidney collapsed due to years of alcohol addiction, and he spent over a month under doctors' care before being discharged to continue his recovery at home.

Deryck reveals he knew his drinking would catch up to him one day, but he wasn't ready to face his demons until he ended up in emergency care.

"Before I went into the hospital, when I was still drinking every day, the clearest thought that I could have was that, 'This is probably not good, and I'm going to have to deal with this eventually - just not right now,'" he shared to People magazine. "So I knew that it wasn't great, I just thought I was going to fix it, like, tomorrow.

"When I woke up sober in the hospital, I knew instantly how bad it was and what had gotten me there and that I wasn't going to drink anymore. I was so done with it. If anything, it almost felt like a bit of freedom: 'Finally, something has stopped this whole cycle.'"

His then-fiancee, Ariana, was by his side throughout his health crisis and she even quit drinking herself to support Deryck in his battle with the bottle.

"We definitely helped each other, but she probably helped me more than I was able to help her," he explained. "We both got sober at the same time, and we were both pretty bad together. We were a bit of a team.

"I think I'd been drinking much longer than she had, but she was just there the whole time, and I couldn't do anything for myself. I couldn't move, I couldn't walk; she had to take care of me completely."

The couple wed in August, 2015.

There is also another woman in his life Deryck will always be grateful for - his mother, who helped nurse him back to full health.

He added, "My mum had moved in as well, which really helped because she's actually a nurse, and when it turned out that I was going to need 24-hour care, the two of them just took care of me for months."

Deryck, who was previously married to Avril Lavigne, has since recorded a new album with Sum 41, titled 13 Voices, which the band will promote on tour in March (17), and the singer now feels he is now back at his best.

"It's been two and a half years now, and I feel better than I've ever felt, so I would say I'm more than 100 per cent (recovered)," he said. "I feel like I've gotten 100 per cent back and then some."