British illusionist Derren Brown insists he's no faker - he could "could have died" even though no live bullets were used in his Russian Roulette trick.

Brown had claimed he was using live ammunition in his live TV stunt last Sunday (5OCT03) - when he used his "psychic powers" to divine which revolver chamber had been filled with a bullet by a member of the public.

However, police on the island of Jersey, where the stunt took place, revealed this week (ends10OCT03) that they had banned Brown from using live ammunition - forcing him to use a blank instead of the supposedly potentially fatal bullet.

But now Brown's spokesperson has hit back, claiming the magician "would have died anyway" if he had fired a blank at his head - although he refused to confirm whether a blank was used or not.

Brown himself is refuting all claims of being a sham, insisting he's a "psychological illusionist" rather than a conman - and says he's "delighted" so much public debate has been prompted by his performance.

10/10/2003 13:36