The mother of British magician Derren Brown has spoken of her terror as she watched her son play a game of Russian roulette on 'live' television.

CHRISTINE BROWN, 58, says she could not eat or drink and felt nauseous as she watched the programme on Britain's CHANNEL FOUR last night (05OCT03).

She says, "I felt sick, dry-mouthed, and I flinched when he squeezed the trigger. I could not eat and I could not drink. I was just glued to the television.

"I could see him shaking, sweating and his breathing was shallow. I could see his vulnerability. He was trying to calm himself, to retain control. And at that point I was really very, very nervous."

Using a gun loaded with a single bullet by a hand-picked member of the public, Brown fired at his own head before correctly guessing the fifth chamber was loaded and emptying it into a sandbag.

Christine says, "I thought to myself he's not going to do it and I was willing him to do the right thing. I felt sure he would not pull the trigger if he did not feel comfortable.

"Then he picked up the gun and did it. It was a feeling of absolute, overwhelming relief."

The stunt, held at a secret overseas location because British law bans the use of handguns, was aired with a small time delay to allow the crew to pull the plug on coverage in the event he should fail.

The spectacular trick has been dubbed "deplorable" by police who fear it will spark a series of copycat stunts.

06/10/2003 17:41