Derren Brown's former house cleaner has pleaded guilty to a charge of theft after she stole more than $52,000 (£33,000) from the illusionist's bank account.
The British TV star, known for his mind-reading shows, left two signed cheques at his London house for staff to spend in case of emergency while he was away on tour in 2010.
Rocio Pavon-Navarrete, 47, of Greenwich, south east London, has admitted stealing the cheques and pocketing the money from Brown's bank account.
She appeared at Southwark Crown Court in London on Thursday (13Sep12) and pleaded guilty to a single charge of theft, and is due to be sentenced on 11 October (12).
Brown had been on stand-by to give evidence in the case and he was in court to hear Pavon-Navarrete's plea.
After the hearing, the mind-reader took to to declare, "Emerged after 4 slow days in Southwark Crown Court waiting to give witness testimony. Well looked after by witness services. Back to work... And yes, I suppose I should have seen it coming, shouldn't I?"