The stunner, who is married to retired baseball icon Derek Jeter, can't believe what her body needs - because she's a longtime vegetarian.

"I don’t eat meat, but now I crave beef jerky all the time, which is kind of interesting," the 26-year-old tells news show Extra.

"(I'm also) loving sweet and salty treats. I like a lot of gummies, like candy and stuff like that."

And her pregnancy has turned her into a much less fussy foodie: "Now it’s like... 'Give me everything!'" she laughs.

Hannah reveals she surprised Derek with the news they are expecting a baby girl: "I found out, then I surprised him," she adds. "It was good, we're excited."

The father-to-be already has already picked a name out for their little girl, but Hannah is not quite there yet, telling the news outlet: "I think I'm emotional right now, so I can’t decide. I don’t know what I like. I think I hate everything, so I’m not there yet.

"Maybe towards the end (of my pregnancy) I’ll get there, but, for now, I’m not brainstorming. I’m just trying to keep healthy and not sick."

Meanwhile, Hannah insists she won't be stopping at just one child, giggling, "I want a team... a couple maybe... three or four."

The beauty, who was born in the Virgin Islands, also admits she didn't know she was pregnant when she stripped down to a string bikini for her fifth Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition shoot in Mexico.