American baseball icon Derek Jeter has announced his retirement.

The New York Yankees shortstop's upcoming 17th season in the major leagues will be his last.

Announcing the news on his Facebook fan page on Wednesday (12Feb14), the 39 year old, who briefly dated Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel and Adriana Lima, admits he made the decision after struggling through the 2013 season with a broken ankle.

He writes, "It was months ago when I realized that this season would likely be my last. As I came to this conclusion and shared it with my friends and family, they all told me to hold off saying anything until I was absolutely 100 (per cent) sure.

"I will remember it all: the cheers, the boos, every win, all the plane trips, the bus rides, the clubhouses, the walks through the tunnel and every drive to and from the Bronx."

If the Yankees fail to make baseball's play-offs at the end of the upcoming season, Jeter's final game will be at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on 28 September (14).