Veteran English actor SIR Derek Jacobi has blasted celebrities who go out their way to be recognised, insisting real fame is being known for your work, not who you are. Jacobi is rarely troubled by the paparazzi and he hates the media frenzy surrounding many of today's celebrities - wishing they were more like thespian pal SIR LAURENCE OLIVER, who never courted the glitzy lifestyle. He fumes, "I hate that kind of fame. People rushing up to you and having to surround yourself with your people. The paparazzi take absolutely no notice of me. "When I worked in the Sixties at the National Theatre (in London), I remember sitting in a railway carriage with SIR Laurence Olivier and no one knew it was him. That to me is classy fame, real fame. He was acknowledged as the greatest actor in the world but he was totally anonymous."