Celebrated British actor Sir Derek Jacobi has become the latest star to get involved with the crowdsourcing movement as his latest film project is reliant on public donations.

The King's Speech actor has agreed to appear in a new sci-fi movie, Sun Never Sets, along with Harry Potter star Katie Leung, who will play his onscreen adopted daughter.

A statement from producers posted on the film's fundraising page on Kickstarter.com reads, "Our film is set in the near future where China has become the undisputed world power and the West is in disarray. Now, the tired and hungry people of Europe are fleeing to the great cities of China to seek a new life as economic migrants."

Leung is urging fans to make donations to the project, writing in a post on her Twitter.com page, "We need all the help we can get for this super cool project! If you like the sound of it please share and like etc."

The page had raised just $887 (£591) of a $37,500 (£25,000) goal as Wenn went to press.