Derek Hough is urging his fans to ''give back'' to charities.

The 32-year-old professional dancer believes giving to charity and helping others lets people connect with the ''best part'' of themselves, and has urged his fans to get involved with charities in whatever way they can.

He said: ''The secret to living is giving. I really believe that when you're giving back and serving others, you're connecting to the best part of who you are.''

And Derek - who is known for having been a dancer on 'Dancing With the Stars' from 2007 to 2016 - has said helping others ''ignites something'' in him, and he now wants to instil that in other people too.

He added: ''For me, being a coach, being a teacher, the idea of helping someone be their best self, it certainly ignites something in me, and I try to help others feel their best to do their best. I really feel that when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you have that confidence you need to succeed. For me, being a dancer and suiting up for being a judge on 'World of Dance' now, I've always known how much it affects me personally and I just think it's a wonderful thing.''

The 'Hairspray Live!' actor has donated a ''whole full suit'' to The Suit Drive - which collects professional clothing and distributes it to non-profit organisations across America that help men prepare to enter the workforce through job readiness programs - and says it's a ''wonderful'' cause to get involved in.

He told People magazine: ''I donated a suit - a whole full suit ready to go. That's the thing that's wonderful, too. There are a lot of people out there who probably have an abundance of clothing that they don't need, and so I think it's wonderful to call upon them and ask them to donate and to give back.''