Depeche Mode's back catalogue will feature in a controversial new musical, which tells the tale of two abused boys.
The British trio's most famous tracks will provide the musical backdrop for a new production, entitled Playing The Angel, which will be performed at the MITP theatre in Valletta, Malta later this year (10).
The play, written by Adrian Buckle, tells the controversial coming-of-age story of two young men who face adversity throughout their early years.
And Buckle is adamant the band's musical style will set the perfect tone for the dark production.
He tells The Times of Malta, "Depeche Mode are not Abba or Queen. The story can't be a happy one. It is a story of two boys growing up, coming of age and discovering love. They are abused, used, taken advantage of. It's their sad way of discovering life.
"I'm not going to invite my grandmother to this musical. Yes, it will push boundaries, but I don't do plays because they are controversial, I do them because they're quality productions, which are relevant to the local scenario".