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I am grief stricken and heartbroken and I believe I can sum it up decently rather than harshly because so many fans have been accused of various things for trying to speak their minds and seeming to not appreciate such a rare performance by Martin Gore. I noticed something was wrong within the last 4 songs Dave sang. When he sang Suffer Well, it seemed like he was frustrated with the crowd. I had undeniably good seats enough to notice his facial reactions, and he looked rather disappointed that the crowd wasn’t more into the music than he hoped. On a side note I am disappointed with most of the fans at concerts here in Kansas City, they have been too conservative and some how lost a touch of how to let your hair down when you are not at your corporate job. It’s a fact that most of us are in our late twenties to late thirties who enjoy DM, but Kansas city has become too stuffy, yet they go crazy for the Chiefs? What is up with that? And where are all the crazy little women from K.C anymore? Perhaps Kansas city is only the “Cow” town that is simply about country and redneck. I am in a search for the hip people and I thought I saw lots of them at the concert. So, I know that there were several there, however then we had the jerks who seemed to boo and awe in jest because they didn’t approve of the songs that were played maybe because they didn’t recognize them. It is these folks that probably showed up because K.C isn’t a main venue city, it isn’t cool enough to receive such awesome bands like Depeche Mode on a regular basis, so they went just to try and get a life. After the way those people acted during the show I wouldn’t be surprised that they won’t return, and for the decent DM fans we might have to travel to places like LA or Chicago for good shows with great city support. On the flip side I have problems with what went on from the side of DM. I speak for the many disappointed fans that were there and witnessed confusion that wasn’t made very clear from the beginning but left with room for much speculation. I can understand as most fans can that if a technical difficulty happens than it happens. If someone falls ill in the middle of a concert then they fell ill and that can happen. What was left uncertain and much too speculate was nothing was very clear or straight and for a loyal fan who has waited for this concert you certainly want a straight explanation more than an apology. An apology is accepted, but you can imagine that if something technical or an illness be failed a member than you can only assume that the band would be more sorry for themselves. Many fans who are upset for such a short show have been accused of being fictitious, immature, unsympathetic and certainly unappreciative of Martin trying to come through; however it isn’t about maturity or sympathy and your “faith and devotion” or being hard on Martin because he did this special set that will never be done before. Frankly, I wasn’t able to appreciate the songs he did because I was freaking out like what happened to David? Nobody around me had the answers either and everyone started to speculate. Then we heard that someone from the back confirmed that David Gahan was in the back being treated and that the backstage was in lock down. That just strengthened speculation that the public nor those normally allowed back there were to know the specifics behind what was going on with Dave. The first explanation was technical difficulties, then it moved on to someone announcing they lost the man in the middle “was he dead we thought?”, then Martin played on his face enlarged by the screen showed a very disappointed look, frustrated and sad “hmm-we noticed, was something sinister behind the curtain?”, then the final result Martin Gore announcing “We thank you for your support in coming here tonight, but we are going to have to call it a night. Thanks and goodbye.” That was it, no explanation. Nothing. I believe that if it were the runs from bad water in Mexico ( which is a ludicrous cliché because there is bottled water there) then they could have said a sensible true statement such as “David is being treated by a physician, he has just fallen ill. He should be alright, but regrettably we will have to end the concert.” And if he had laryngitis than the could simply said “ We regret to inform you that David has just abruptly lost his voice and we will have to call it a night.” Instead they played fickle with excuses and I believe I speak for other disappointed fans like myself who feel that we have been devoted to this band enough to receive a straight answer, especially after paying such a pricey ticket, when other concert shows at the Starlight are not that expensive. Starlight is not a pricey venue. I think now after the anguish over David’s condition and the uncertainty of the situation and how we were left in the cold, I think we deserve a refund or a reschedule. It is being made clear that Kansas city will be out of luck, and I don’t know if it is because of the behavior of earlier fans or because of the fans who felt rightfully jerked around that wanted answers. In many boards I have seen fans like me who spoke up that have been drilled because we aren’t devoted or sympathetic. Where is Depeche Modes sympathy and devotion to the concerned fans here, who have traveled, saved pennies, and waited anxiously to know the truth behind Dave’s health? Many other bands that have fallen ill on tour that have cancelled or ended short later give refunds or rescheduled soon after the incident. I guess we will know who is Master and Servant after all.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Gypsymuse

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thats too bad!! hopefully he will recover fully, because i went to Coachella and watched them. and he gives it his best. Good luck Dave, luv,Maria

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by plygirl

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