British Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has spent so much time in New York even his American neighbours think he's a local.

Gahan, who has just released his first solo album PAPER MONSTERS, hails from Essex, England but finds life in the American metropolis suits him much better.

He explains, "Officially, my friends there are starting to call me a New Yorker. It was the first place that ever felt like my home. The city has been really good for me. I still hang out with a lot of people who have been through similar experiences.

"I also like to run but when I first started it was like five miles (8.04 kilometres) a day - I'd run myself stupid. That's the sort of person I am - very driven - and I can use it in a destructive or positive way. Now, it's everything in moderation."

27/06/2003 13:43